Advantages of Hand Car Wash Vs Automated Car Wash

We often tend to adopt automated mode of car washing system as it saves time and money. The issue with the automated system is that it affects more expensive paint of the car and few marks stay which doesn’t go even after manual cleaning. 

When we talk about differences between hand car wash and automated car wash we look into following factors.

In automated car washing you just have to take your car to the service center and the machine does it works while in manual car wash you need a bucket, running water and nice cloth and air drier. 

An Automated car wash will take around 5- 10 minutes to finish, were in manual car wash will take around 20 – 30 minutes or 1 hour to complete the work. 

Technology has advanced to a greater extent due which automated washing has become a great success. In automated, washing we have to be very careful as it should not affect the paint bring some scratches when more pressure is applied this results in not cleaning the vehicle thoroughly. If you just need exterior cleaning of the vehicle and you don’t need complete detailing then automatic washing is suitable for you. When you need your car washed thoroughly and properly detailed and worked on each spot and removes some stains and damages, manual car wash is the best option which will help restore shine of a damaged finish.  Hand washing can give importance on each spot without causing any damage. Moreover, most of the auto wash will use hand drying with towel or dryer, this method will leave exterior scratching and water spots will be generated as compared with manual dry cleaning. Manual dry cleaning will use exclusive quality microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle which protects the color and does not damage. So it’s always recommended to use manual car wash for luxury and vintage cars. has many options for your car washing deals across Dubai starting from AED 24. Get the best car wash deals in Dubai at a pocket-friendly price. Money saving deals is available on our website after extensive research from our team. We have Car Wash Deals for Deira, Al Qusais and Al Quoz