What To Do if Your Rental Car Has Met With An Accident in Dubai

Being involved in an accident in your own car is already quite difficult, but being in an accident in a rental car can be a big hassle.

Unfortunately you may get into the situation of a car accident at some point of time in Dubai and depend upon the level of your involvement in the rental car accident; you may become liable for the damages to:

 .The Other Party/Vehicle

.The Car Rental Company

.The Emirate for imputed negligence

 Understanding what to do if your rental car has met with an accident is necessary step and you should always be prepared to deal with it. Here we have listed some important steps that you should take while dealing with this unfortunate situation.

 Call 999 immediately: Whether you or any one from the other car has attained any injuries or not, call 999 immediately to file the police report. In Dubai and the northern Emirates you dial 999 for the police. If you can move, take photographs and look out for relevant records. Further, speak to the other driver whether he/she is fine.

 Inform your car rental company:  Phone up your rental company and inform them about the situation and find out what needs to be done in next.

 Check your insurance policies: Contact your insurance agent and check with them whether your policy covers rental car protection and ask how well are you covered under your insurance policy. You can also check with credit card team as the regular credit card offers rental car insurance.

 What if you didn’t buy accident insurance from the rental company: Most of the car rental companies keep their cars covered under any one of the insurance scheme. It may reduce your pain of paying huge amounts but it varies according to the scheme and damage to the car.

 If the fault is of the other driver: In this scenario, his/her insurance company is responsible to pay the amount whatever it may be. All you have to do ask them to lodge the request formally.

 However, you should be very conscious while dealing with these situations and make sure that you have checked all the possible ways to get out this incident.