Everything You Need To Know Before Renting a Car in Dubai

Dubai, One of the finest places in United Arab Emirates and it is well known for luxury life and high-end cars. In recent years rental car business has become a big industry as people living in Dubai preferring to rent a car instead of buying. Riding the upgraded and new model cars is one of the main reasons for that. Recent surveys held on car rental companies in Dubai reveals that 80% of the people are opting rent a car in Dubai.

 Now a day’s more and more companies are investing in car rental business in Dubai as its upward trend. Getting a rental car in Dubai is very easy as there are many players in the market. But before choosing a rental car in Dubai you must know the general UAE driving standing orders. Also every car rental companies will have their own general policies which you have to go through before you hire a car. Here are the top 5 rules and regulations generally offered by car rental companies in Dubai.

 Not permitted to take outside UAE:

 IT is strictly not allowed if you want to visit other places outside the UAE in your rental car as the leased vehicles are not allowed to cross the border.

 Minimum Age Limit:

 for groups A to E vehicles the minimum age limit is 21 years and for vehicles from group F and above the minimum age limit is 25 years.

 Valid Driving License:

 You must have a registered driving license in UAE if you want to lease a car. If you have an international driving license then there is no problem to drive a rental car on UAE roads.

 Insurance Policy:

 Check your insurance papers completely and ask for supplemental insurance as your original insurance policy may not cover rental cars. It is essential to take extra care for insurance as people will drive their vehicles at very high speeds. Supplemental insurance will give you peace of mind when driving a rental car on the roads in Dubai.

 Read Company Policy Clearly:

 You should read the company’s policy clearly before renting a car in Dubai and go through their own policies if they have any. Most of the people don’t read the terms and conditions carefully and it brings them lots of troubles.