Window Tinting in Dubai - Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Percentage of Car Tint in UAE?

The most extreme measure of dimness admissible is 30% Visual Light Transmission (VLT). VLT is a unit of measure for the measure of light that transmits through a window, in this way at least 30% of light ought to come through. It is essential to remember that in spite of the fact that auto glass may appear to be unmistakably certain, most windows accompany a slight shade of tint from the production line. While computing whether the tint dimness of a car window is legitimate, the aggregate of both the manufacturing plant glass and also the window tinting must equivalent a most extreme of 30%. It is consequently prudent to get a shade of window tint which is marginally lighter than 30% so the aggregate rate dimness of the window tint + processing plant glass is less or equivalent to 30%.

2) Can women install darker car tinting than men?

Regardless of gender orientation, the shade of window tinting permitted is 30% or lighter. The main exemption to this is a unique endorsement from the RTA or Dubai Police, typically issued for medicinal reasons. Best 3M Tinting are available online on

3) Can I Install Window Tinting on Company Registered Car?

Currently, only cars registered under an individual can be tinted. This is the case regardless of whether the vehicle is a passenger car or a cargo vehicle. Although the rationale for this law was to monitor the legality of goods being hauled by company cargo vehicles, it has inadvertently affected a lot of individuals, particularly senior management who have been provided family vehicles by their company as a part of their compensation packages.

4) How much heat can I expect my car tint to block?

The adequacy in blocking heat radiation differs extraordinarily relying upon brand and determinations. Truth be told, this is the primary reason individuals introduce higher end window film on their vehicles they are just more successful in blocking the sun's warmth. A first class window tint, for example, 3M Crystalline squares up to 97% of Infrared Beams (the significant wellspring of heat), and 99.9% of UV Rays.

Things being what they are, what do every one of these numbers mean as far as the stuff that really matters temperature diminishment and comfort. Buy Window Tinting Deals Online from trusted automobile portal in UAE.

 5) Would tinting my car prevent my seats and dashboard from fading?

The primary cause of texture and vinyl blurring are the sun's UV beams. Most quality window movies obstruct more than 99% of UV Beams, along these lines extraordinarily diminishing the blurring of your seats and dash. It must be noted however that despite the fact that window film significantly moderates the blurring procedure it doesn't totally stop it and inside components may even now demonstrate minor shading change after developed timeframes. Film Tinting Service with 2 years warranty starting from AED 249 at Nano Shield Auto Rust Proofing Service.

6) Can Window Tinting block mobile phone, GPS, Salik and Radio reception?

Although metallic window film has great heat dismissal properties, the metal coatings utilized regularly diminish the nature of radio reception. It is fitting to introduce just non-metallic window film to keep this kind of impedance. Present day mechanical advances have seen the presentation of Carbon and Clay coatings and in addition the utilization of nano-innovation in the make of window film. These innovations permit advantages, for example, great warmth and UV insurance, while being totally without metal. HP Film Window Tinting with 5 years warranty starting from AED 349