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Car Care Services Deals:-

All automobiles need servicing in regular intervals, or after having traveled a particular distance, so as to ensure that they continue to function smoothly for a longer period of time. Moreover, UAE faces weather difficulties which include humid conditions, sandstorms, and the dreadfully extreme cycles of heat & cold, that make it even harder for the average automobile owner to maintain their vehicle.

We aim to help you in this regard as well. We have tie-ups with several leading service stations all over Dubai. These trusted car service centers have the best car service deals in Dubai within an extremely lucrative price range. The auto service centers offer brake pad change services, oil change deals, car tinting deals, headlight restoration services, scratch removal & dent repair deals, etc.

The car care centers also offer car spa services like polishing, car wash services, car interior cleaning deals and car paintwork. Apart from all this, they offer luxury car care services in Dubai for your beloved automobiles. Engine tuning, Nano-ceramic paint protection, wheel alignment, A/C services with gas refills, full car detailing are some of the most used services by our satisfied customers. 

Car Rental Services Offers:–

Renting cars is an all-out rage today, and why shouldn't it be? You can basically pay-as-you-go to drive a car of your choice!

People have no qualms whatsoever with renting apartments or office spaces where they stay temporarily and pay the owner for as long as they choose to stay there. Renting cars is no different!

By design, car rentals are for people who are traveling to a foreign place or are stranded without their car that was in an accident. But why should that be the norm?

A lot of big companies these days use car rental companies to provide cars for their employees. So they not only get conveyance for their employees but also all the car maintenance is done from them. This means that they don't have worry about or spend a dime on car services. Also, if the car faces any difficulties, all the user needs to do is contact the car rental company, and have it replaced or repaired in a short time.

Apart from this, a lot of billionaires today opt for renting cars rather than buying them, though they can easily shell out money on the said cars. Why do you ask? Because let's say billionaire X wants to drive a gold Ferrari. They buy it, and then a couple of years later, get bored of it and wish to then drive the newest Lamborghini. If they're a car enthusiast, fine, they can go collecting as many cars as they wish. But, if they'd rather rent cars than actually buying them, they can basically change cars like they change their clothes. Now, who wouldn't want such a luxury?

In essence, why invest money in trying to buy a car which anyways gets worn after using a couple years? Why not opt for a car rental service, which gets you a car of your choice, all your services have done for you, and you get to change it whenever you wish!

Car Accessories Deals –

In an ideal world, everyone would want to own a customized car to better suit their tastes. However, since not all of us can shell out millions of Dirhams to get them customized from car companies, we do the next best thing- getting car accessories.

DuWheels offers the best car accessories deals in Dubai. We have partnered with several automotive stores specializing in car accessories to offer the best prices for you. We sell deals for parking sensors, reverse cameras with TFT monitor, rear seat entertainment systems, car DVD players, customized leather seats, headrest DVD players, hands-free Bluetooth kits, among many others.